Houston-based TikTok-famous father accused of molesting adopted sons 


The teen told the podcast BlindSkinnedBeauty that he was afraid to come forward to Child Protective Services because they wouldn’t help. And that he and his brothers had called them numerous times. 

The podcaster Twaiyah Emmarette became an advocate for the family. She is based in Atlanta and has offered to take the Texas children into her home. Although CPS turned down the offer.


Emmarette’s calls prompted a police investigation, and the other five boys have come forward to report the abuse. CPS is currently caring for six of the boys. The other three appeared in court to support their father.

Molesting adopted sons and others 

During the court hearing, prosecutors said the boys were kept locked in a room for most of the day, and Cohen only let them out when he wanted to perform sexual acts. 

A 16-year-old victim said he was once pepper sprayed by him if he refused to perform any sexual acts. 

Cohen had a previous charge of “indecency” with a child after he was accused of harming a foreign exchange student from Spain in 2019, as reported by the New York Post.