Utah policeman saw “red flags,” Petito family’s wrongful death lawsuit amended


On March 1 the family of Gabby Petito filed a First Amended Complaint to their August 2022 wrongful death lawsuit against the Moab City Police in Utah.

New information has surfaced regarding what the family claims are the department’s negligence and failure to protect Gabby. Which the family believes ultimately led to her death.

The complaint includes multiple admissions made by Officer Eric Pratt. He revealed that he knew Brian was a mental and emotional threat to Gabby. And saw numerous dangerous “red flags”.

The Petitos claim the police intentionally chose not to follow the law to protect their daughter. Pratt even claimed that he would rather be fired than follow the legal requirements to ensure Gabby’s safety.

Brian Laundrie returned from a cross-country trip without his “van-lifer” influencer girlfriend. He and his parents refused to answer questions about what happened to Gabby.

 After a weeks-long manhunt, Gabby’s remains were found in September 2021. Laundrie fatally shot himself and left behind a handwritten note confessing to her murder.

Wrongful death lawsuit cites Utah law

Moab City Police had agreed to implement the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) in 2018 and 2019. But they did not employ the LAP when the police responded to the 911 call that led to Gabby’s case.