How to Be a Good Thanksgiving Guest


In less than 24 hours, many Americans will be sitting across from their loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner tables. Families across the nation have put in a lot of work to prepare dishes, get their homes ready, and make arrangements for tomorrow.

Because of all the work that Thanksgiving hosts put in towards making the holiday special, it’s never a bad idea for guests to be mindful as well. Being a pleasant guest this Thanksgiving can go a long way.

It also sends a clear message of thankfulness and gratitude during a holiday prioritizing these themes. With that in mind, here are some worthwhile actions for every Thanksgiving guest to consider this holiday…

Bring a small gift as a token of gratitude

Believe it or not, anyone having family and friends over for Thanksgiving puts a lot of work into making everything just right. One great way to show your host some appreciation is by bringing over a gift.

It can be as simple as a card. Whatever you choose, bringing a tangible present along with your company is an excellent way to show you care about and appreciate the efforts of your loved one(s).

Offer to help clean up after dinner

Anyone who’s hosted Thanksgiving dinner knows that having to clean up everyone’s dishes, used cookware, and other materials for multiple people can quickly add up to a lot of work. As a guest, offering to help your host with even a fraction of this can go a long way.