Human skull found in 2021 identified as man missing since 2019


Muscogee County coroner Buddy Bryan said “We received a verbal confirmation from the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] medical examiner’s office as to his identity.

Although Turner has been identified, the medical examiner was not able to determine the cause of death. 

Bryan explained that “The hard copy of the autopsy will be forthcoming. We have notified the legal next-of-kin, his father. At the father’s request, we will be cremating the bones.”

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The coroner added that the autopsy report is expected to be released in the next two to three weeks.

The Unidentified Persons System (NamUS) tracks missing persons.

Every year about 600,000 people go missing across the US. and around 4,400 unidentified bodies are recovered. Sadly about 1,000 of the bodies found are still unidentified one year after discovery. 

In Georgia, 389 missing person cases remain open. And according to the NamUS database, 255 people whose remains have been found are still unidentified.