Humanoid-Robotics 2023: AI walks and talks


The field of AI has witnessed remarkable advancements. And humanoid-robotics are here to stay. These robots, which closely resemble humans in appearance and behavior, are being designed to work alongside humans in various sectors such as hospitality and customer service. 

As technology continues to evolve, there is a possibility that these robots will become indistinguishable from humans, leading to a future where interactions with robots feel remarkably human-like.

Humanoid-Robotics 2023 

The Darpa Robotics Challenge, held eight years ago, showcased robots struggling to perform basic human tasks. However, if the challenge were held today, robots would complete tasks significantly faster and with fewer accidents.

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Jerry Pratt, a senior research scientist, and his team, who secured second place in the 2015 challenge, have made significant progress.

Pratt is currently the CTO of Figure AI, a company developing humanoid robots primarily for warehouse work. And he recently announced $70 million in investment funding.