Opinion: Is Elon Musk right about artificial intelligence being dangerous?


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has often warned about the danger of artificial intelligence (AI). His warnings, like those of Stephen Hawking, seem to fall on deaf ears.

Musk has been sounding the alarm about the possible dangers and potentially devastating effects of AI for years. He doesn’t pull any punches. It’s clear he thinks artificial intelligence poses a threat to humanity.

From “Wargames” to “DeepMind” AI keeps getting smarter

Of all the companies developing AI technology, Musk is most troubled by the Google-owned project DeepMind, he said in an interview with The New York Times.

Musk was an early investor in DeepMind. In 2014, Google bought DeepMind for over $500 million, according to reports. Musk said in a 2017 interview that his stake in DeepMind was so he can keep an eye on exploding AI developments. He didn’t make the deal for a return on his investment.

“The nature of the AI that they’re building is one that crushes all humans at all games,” he said. “It’s basically the plotline in ‘WarGames.'”