Hundreds of Americans Now Stranded in Afghanistan


Today marks the deadline which the infamous terrorist organization known as the Taliban gave America to complete withdrawals from Kabul, Afghanistan. The Taliban even had the stones to publicly announce that the United States would face “consequences” should our nation fail to meet this deadline.

Sure enough, yesterday, Americans learned that the final U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan departed. The only issue is that this departure leaves American citizens behind; many of these citizens attempted to arrive at the Kabul airport, yet couldn’t do so, thanks to the Taliban.

The gravity of Americans deserted in a hostile country controlled by terrorists to the tune of ISIS-K and the Taliban is a huge deal. This isn’t a matter anyone can merely sweep under the rug.

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Americans left stranded on Biden’s watch

Earlier today, Biden stood before the nation; he gave this grand speech about the “success” of removing our nation’s troops from Afghanistan. The president also defended his method of withdrawal; this defense comes in spite of the fact that how Biden pulled out engendered the rise of the Taliban and the deaths of 13 U.S. Marines.