Hunting Down Firefighters: FDNY Pursues its own Staffers for Booing AG Letitia James


The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) finds itself embroiled in a controversy following the disruption of a promotion ceremony.

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Reports from the New York Post indicate that FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh is on a mission to identify and take action against firefighters and other personnel who booed at New York Attorney General Letitia James. And chanted in support of former President Donald Trump.

FDNY Chief of Department John Hodges wasted no time in addressing the issue, sending out a warning to department heads about an impending investigation by the Bureau of Investigation and Trials (BITS). 

The email emphasized the seriousness of the situation, urging individuals involved to come forward voluntarily to avoid being “hunted down” by the department.

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FDNY Promotion Ceremony

During a promotion ceremony held at the Christian Cultural Center’s Brooklyn Campus, where James was invited to speak. However, what should have been a routine event quickly turned contentious as attendees voiced their disapproval of James, followed by chants in support of Trump.