IBM CEO Demands Congress to Pass the Equality Act


“Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is hard work.  Most American companies long ago included sexual orientation and gender identity in their nondiscrimination polices. It is time for the federal government to do the same,” she added.

Separately, Tia Silas, vice president, chief diversity and inclusion officer at IBM, explained that the tech giant is a leader not just in innovation but also in diversity and advocacy. IBM believes that no one should have to hide their personality and sexual orientation at work or elsewhere. No one should face discrimination or inequality in the workplace of elsewhere. These are the primary reasons IBM support the Equality Act.

“Standing up for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is part of who we are as a company and have been since our founding. It’s the kind of example we want to set. Passing the Equality Act will cement protections for everyone in the workplace, and signal to employees across the country that they can come to work exactly as they are, without fear — just with pride,” wrote Silas in a blog post.

Pelosi says the House will pass the Equality Act

During a press conference on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said they will introduce the Equality Act next week. They will also launch bill to protect “Dreamers” and “temporary-protected status persons”