Illegal Aliens Almost Allowed To Vote In Maryland?


The leaders of Maryland came until intense fire after permitting illegal immigrants to vote in their local elections, as reported by Fox News.

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What Is Wrong With Maryland Leaders?

On Tuesday, more than half of College Park’s council members voted to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. However, after receiving nationwide backlash, they retracted the egregious mandate. On the night of September 15, College Park leaders backtracked, claiming they rescinded the aforementioned measure due to a lack of supporting votes.

Why did any leaders in Maryland vote in favor of illegal immigrants voting in (local) elections? It’s very concerning. As leaders, the College Park council has a duty to uphold the law. Allowing people who snuck into this country to vote is inherently criminal. The College Park council ought to be ashamed of themselves.

The Flaws Of Pandering To Illegal Immigrants

Political correctness is a scourge on this nation. This surge of people pandering to lawbreakers is alarming to say the least. People need to understand that illegal immigrants are criminals. In addition to being criminals, illegal immigrants are owed nothing. They have no rights. If people from other nations wish to come to this country and enjoy the privileges that Americans have, they need to come here legally.