Independent, Democratic Disapproval of Biden on the Rise


Meanwhile, 45% of Independent voters in the United States do not approve of Biden. Amongst Democrats, their disapproval of Biden jumped from 3% in June 2021 to a current 16%.

A universal ballot for the 2022 midterms is also very bad news for Biden and Democrats in general. Were the races held today, 51% of the country’s voters would back GOP candidates. Merely 41% told Washington Post and ABC News they’d cast a ballot for Democrats.

All in all, many people across the country are worried about inflation and the economy. There also exists the perception that Biden simply has little to no accomplishments at this point in his presidency.

For reasons that remain a mystery to many, the 46th president apparently prides himself on his management of COVID. However, on this front, 49% of Americans disapprove; only 47% currently approve of how the president is handling the virus.