Independent Voters Turn Against Michigan Democrat Governor


When people in Michigan attempted to push back against orders plunging folks into bankruptcy, Whitmer went after them using the government. However, this didn’t stop the Michigan governor from breaching her own travel orders when it suited her.

Now, a new survey from Glengariff Group shows that all of this may be catching up to Whitmer. According to the survey, 51% of Independent voters do not approve of the Michigan governor. When the survey includes Michiganders of all partisan affiliations, 46% confirmed they disapprove of Whitmer.

Democrats losing Independent voters

As Democrats continue to embrace dystopian mandates, they are losing support from Independent voters in the country. The Michigan governor is not an outlier in this regard. Recent polling this month has also shown President Biden losing considerable support from Independent voters.

The data from Glengariff Group is very clear. Whitmer is far from having a smooth, easy path to re-election in the Michigan gubernatorial race next year. The growing disapproval from Independents could possibly provide an opportunity for Michigan Republicans to unite with Independents and vote Whitmer out.