Republican Governors Push for Meeting with Biden Amid Border Crisis


Over the past several days, shocking media drone footage of illegal immigration caused quite a stir. Thanks to coverage from the press, America has seen images and videos showing thousands of illegal immigrants packed under a bridge in Texas.

The hoards of illegal immigrants come as thousands per day are arriving at the southern border. These consistently high numbers have proven to be too much for Border Patrol officials to handle; however, this isn’t stopping President Biden from doing nothing at all to get this under control.

It goes without saying that Republicans are not pleased about this at all. Therefore, 26 GOP governors have sent a letter to Biden, calling to meet with him over the present immigration crisis.

The letter to Biden from Republican governors

In sending the aforementioned letter to the 46th president, Republican leaders did not mince words. These governors noted their interest in meeting with the president to arrange a solution to what’s currently happening at the border.