Republican Governors Push for Meeting with Biden Amid Border Crisis


GOP governors furthermore made it a point to note that because of the federal government’s inaction, individual states have faced the burden of trying to fix what’s going on at the U.S.-Mexico border. Likewise, the letter reminded Biden that as president, his oath of office entails enforcing immigration laws that Congress has passed.

At this time, there is no word on whether the president intends to engage in a sit-down with Republican governors. As of late, however, Biden’s amped up his aggressive rhetoric against GOP governors, criticizing them more harshly than he has the Taliban.

Getting the border back under control

What’s most unfortunate about this situation is that when Biden got into office, he inherited an orderly southern border from former President Trump. Nevertheless, Biden mucked it all up in repealing the border policies of his predecessor.

Getting the border back under control means restoring the immigration policies that worked before Biden arrived. This is something the White House remains sadly oblivious to; in fact, since leaked drone footage of the border, the White House is now barring press from overseeing the area.