Investigating the Sketchy Child Modeling Business that is Rampant Across Instagram


A browse of various hashtags related to child modeling on Instagram reveals that many parents may be taking advantage of their children’s natural beauty all in the name of fashion. Today, several investigative journalists revealed that child modeling has become an extremely-profitable, shady business on Instagram.

In fact, a brand director for Pantene has even discussed the ways in which she will research across Instagram for children that may work well in commercials. One such case involves Baby Chanco, an Instagram-phenom who was born with a full head of hair.

Once Yoshiaki Okura, the afore-mentioned brand director, stumbled across the profile of this admittedly-adorable child, she was determined to use the child’s face for a variety of multimedia advertisements.

She expressed her intentions when she stated, “When I saw Baby Chanco, I was really surprised. You know, I’ve honestly never seen such kind of baby to have such unique, thick hair.”

Chanco’s full head of hair resulted in him becoming the face of Pantene in Japan, but his sudden rise to fame has left parents and psychologists shaking their heads. With the digital age being so new, it is extremely difficult to understand any difficulties that this fame may cause in the child’s life.

As a result, many psychologists have expressed worry over the number of parents who may begin attempting to gain fame by forcing their children to model. Millennials have even termed these parents as “momagers” since they act as micromanagers in their children’s’ lives. Social media, and Instagram specifically, has become the prime tool for parents who believe that their kids have what it takes to make it big.

Over the next several years, experts are interested to observe the effects that this early introduction to the toxic effects of social media may have on children. Another factor that many have not accounted for is the rise of sexual predators across social media and the ways in which this may make their children more accessible to these dangerous criminals.

It’s impossible to tell who may be creeping through these innocent children photos, and psychologists are wary of the plethora of risks surrounding this undertaking.