Your New Car may be Collecting and Selling your Personal Data


Your new car may be collecting and selling your personal data to third-person parties without your expressed consent! In today’s age and as cars continue to develop in their technological innovations, they will continue collecting more and more data which may reveal your private information to the top bidder.

For example, police have begun using data from your car’s computer to investigate car wrecks. With this information, they can precisely indicate the speed you were traveling, the direction your car was moving, as well as the location of your car before the crash.

Several businesses have begun that negotiate with car manufacturers to purchase this information, and various data has developed into a key bargaining chip for a number of companies. However, consumers are rarely notified about this, and most of the bargaining is kept behind closed doors.

Private Investigators have also begun convincing car owners to let them use this data including GPS location as a means to track down spouses and children. In fact, court cases have even risen where spouses utilize date from cars in an attempt to track the GPS location of their significant other, hoping to track them down. Sometimes, this information can be only a few clicks of a button away.

Most of this data is hidden within your car’s infotainment system. These have been shipped as a standard feature in many models of cars for a number of years, and while they may be useful, they do hide many secrets. Namely, the amount of data they store and share with other companies.

Currently, it is not illegal to utilize this data without the consent of the driver, and with the steady rise of technological innovations in cars, it is frightening to consider the possibilities. Especially with the rise of driverless-cars, many experts are clamoring for regulations to be imposed upon this information. Unfortunately, legislation has yet to be passed that will prevent overreach into the depths of this data. As a result, drivers must consider that their every move may be remembered for the unforeseeable future.

All in all, while cars are becoming more comfortable, convenient, and loaded with features, it is important to weigh the risks that are inherent to this technology. By remaining aware of the data being collected, you can protect yourself from it being shared without your knowledge.