Iran Acting Out After America Tells Them “No Deal”


Iran might not be able to do too much about Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear accord. But there are a lot of ways it might hit back at the U.S. across the Middle East.

War Continuing?

Iran’s expanding influence on the neighboring countries could be a problem. The country supports Shiite militiamen that are spread all the way from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq. The first sign of aggression might be the rocket attack in the Golan Heights. Iran aimed the barrage at Israeli positions. Early Thursday, Israel released a wave of missile strikes as a response.

Potential War Zones


Iran built a network of militias during the civil war in Syria. Trainers, experts, commanders, and elite Revolutionary Guards are based all over the country. This might be a concern for Israel since this is the potential battlefield.

The main concern for Israel, however, is southern Syria, near the Golan Heights. Teheran boosted its presence here over the years and is a potential target for the rocket attacks.


The war that’s happening in Yemen is considered a battle between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is yet another potential zone where Teheran could hurt its enemies.

The Houthis, Yemen’s Shiite rebels, have fired numerous missiles into Saudi Arabia during their conflict. The most recent attack was on Wednesday, only a day after Donald Trump announced the withdrawal.


Iran has deep ties to the Iraq political and economic system, where it also sponsors Shiite militias. Many people from Iraq are concerned about the tensions between Iran and the U.S., and how it is going to affect their country.

An Iraqi army veteran, Riad Hadi, stated that Iraq is going to pay the price for the Trump’s decision.

Questions from the American People:

  1. Does Iran’s retaliations against U.S. allies show that the world can’t trust them with nuclear weapons?
  2. Should the nations of the world recognize Iran’s right to nuclear power and view the attacks as a legitimate protest?
  3. How should America respond, if at all, to Iran aggression against neighboring countries?