Trump Shows Off His North Korea Victory


In a TV ceremony, President of the United States Donald Trump welcomed home three Americans that were held in custody by North Korea. Trump declared their release as progress toward his goal to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Trump said that it is a great honor to welcome these men back to the United States. He also stated that the real honor will be a victory in getting rid of nuclear arms.

Mixed Feelings?

Donald Trump stated that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, was good to these people.

However, Mike Pence, the Vice President, stated that they faced very harsh conditions in an interview with ABC.

Mike Pence said that State Secretary Mike Pompeo told him a story about one of the detainees asking to step out of the plane on a refueling stop. According to Pompeo, the detainee wanted to go out because he hadn’t seen the daylight in a long time.

Trump Has High Expectations

The President stated that he believes that Kim Jong Un is looking forward to reaching an agreement about the de-nuclearization at their next meeting. He thanked the leader of the North Korea for releasing the detainees.