Irish Residents Largely Opt For Private Car Usage Over Public Transportation


The modes of transportation chosen by individuals play a significant role in how they make it from point a to point b on a daily basis.

In recent years, more conversations have come up about how people approach transportation, the pros and cons of daily work commutes, and whether or not electric vehicles are preferable to cars fueled by gas.

Also part of the discussion is the role that public transportation could potentially play in achieving certain environmental goals. Nevertheless, in many communities around the world, heavy reliance on public transportation is simply not a feasible reality.

In Ireland, for instance, while there are many public transportation options, more residents are still opting for private cars.

Private vs. public transportation in Ireland

Trains, buses, and trams are hard to miss when in the Emerald Isle. However, it appears the Irish favor the pros of personalized transportation anyway.

According to the country’s Central Statistics Office (CSO), car use in Ireland continues to rise. So far, August 2023 logged a higher volume of private vehicle registrations than the enrollments documented in August 2022.