POLL: Only 4% of Americans Feel Positively About Country’s Political System


Today, our country is faced with many issues. Policy-driven disputes and the rise of political division certainly make the top of the list. However, another issue is a complete lack of trust in the system among the American people.

It is precisely this lack of trust that’s led to myriad populist elements emerging on both the left and the right. Some politicians warned about what they perceive as the dangers of populism; though the underlying factors driving populist sentiment have yet to be addressed.

This week, a newly released poll showcased the significant lack of trust in America’s political system. To say that people should be concerned would be a significant understatement.

Overwhelming majority of Americans agree the system is failing

In a survey released by the Pew Research Center, it’s come to light that 63% of people lack confidence in America’s politics.

Furthermore, over six in ten Americans confirmed they disagree with the notion that Congress accomplishes more than it’s acknowledged for. Barely over three in ten people expressed agreement with this claim.