Is the Disinformation Governance Board as Orwellian as it seems?


On February 7th the Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin regarding misinformation. And last week The Dept of Homeland Security announced that they formed the Disinformation Governance Board. 

Critics are making the obvious comparison to George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in the classic novel “1984.” 

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Role of the Disinformation Governance Board unclear

Dana Bash interviewed the Secretary of Homeland Security on CNN. She pointed out how “Republicans are calling it ‘Orwellian. Can you clarify what exactly this is? What exactly will this disinformation governance board do? Will it monitor American citizens?” she questioned.

Bash was looking for specific information about the role of the newly formed board. And she asked him if it would increase the Fed’s surveillance of U.S. citizens. 

Secretary Victor Mayorkas was emphatic that the Disinformation Governance Board was essential. But he could give no specifics about what they would actually do.

He used the language of the terrorist advisory board saying that disinformation from other nations is a “threat to the security of the homeland.”