Is the Republican Party Really the Party of Trump?


Despite the aforementioned beliefs, Trump did go on to defeat Hillary Clinton and become president of the United States. Since his presidency, Trump has held several rallies, particularly in the midterm election season. During each of the president’s most recent rallies, he has urged his supporters to vote for Republican candidates in the upcoming elections.

Despite President Trump’s high approval rating in the Republican Party, he does face some criticism from various conservatives and Republicans. This is a dynamic which has maintained since the 2016 election. Throughout Trump’s campaign, a certain segment of Republican voters broke from the GOP and declared themselves as the “never Trumpers.”

President Trump’s decision to stump for various GOP midterm candidates is generally regarded as a bonus for said candidates. Whether or not Republicans emerge as the victors of the midterms currently remains to be seen.

Readers of The Hill weighed in with their thoughts regarding President Trump’s influence on the Republican Party: