Jalen Kitna charged with sharing child sexual abuse material (CSAM)


Detective Donna Montague interviewed Jalen. He said he remembered sharing the two CSAM images but “believed them to be “legal” since he found them online.” 

According to the Detectives’ report, he later realized “he should not have shared those two images, based on the reaction from the other Discord user that he shared them with. Kitna advised shortly after that, his Discord account was deactivated and that he assumed someone reported him to Discord. Kitna stated that he received an email from Discord stating that his account was deactivated due to a violation of the terms of service.”

Jalen attended Frisco’s Reedy High School. And in 2021 graduated from Burleson High School where his father, Jon, is the head football coach.

Florida Gators football team suspended Kitna from the squad within an hour of his initial arrest.

Within hours of the arrest, the University of Florida’s Athletic Department released a statement.

“We are shocked and saddened to hear of the news involving Jalen Kitna. These are extremely serious charges and the University of Florida and the UAA have zero tolerance for such behavior. Jalen has been suspended indefinitely from the football program.”