Jared Kushner’s Lawyer Declines To Represent Him


Earlier today, America learned that one of Jared Kushner’s lawyers declined to represent him in the Russia investigation case. According to reports from Business Insider, Jamie Gorelick will be transferring her attorney obligations over to Abbe Lowell, a lawyer that Kushner recently attained as recently as last month. Why Gorelick chose not to represent Kushner is unknown, but either way, one should not hold their breath if they are looking for him to be convicted of a crime. After all, the mere act of meeting with a Russian lawyer does not breach any laws, despite the agenda of the mainstream media.

In the media’s attempt to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump, his family members, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner and eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. have become the most recent targets. Roughly one week ago, Americans learned that Kushner, Trump Jr., and a few others attended a meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016.

However, Gorelick’s resignation from Kushner’s case could potentially be politically motivated. Based on statements from The Hill, Gorelick has donated to Democrats, served as Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general, and was being considered to serve as Hillary Clinton’s attorney general had she won the 2016 Presidential election. The possibility of Gorelick viewing Kushner as guilty or not wanting to alienate her liberal allies could have influenced her decision to decline representing Kushner.

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