Jesse Willms, the negative option king, is at it again


Security news site KrebsOnSecurity found that hackers uncovered millions of personal records, such as genealogy reports, arrest records, and DMV files, coming from a marketing company owned by Willms.

In their investigation, KrebsOnSecurity spoke with customers who were victim of enticing offers for online services. These consumers had previously ordered criminal background checks for a small $1 fee. The customers were then charged monthly recurring fees of up to $38 per month after the service did not perform as they had been told.

If true, these allegations are in-line with accusations made against Willms’s previous businesses, and display someone who has yet to learn his lesson. However, much is still unknown, and it’s important to note that these claims are still unsubstantiated at this time, and neither Jesse Willms nor any companies he is associated with have come under legal trouble for these allegations.