Joaquin Altenberg must pay $1.72 million in legal fees for egregious fraud and misrepresentation

Alison Altenberg (left) is the daughter of esteemed Professor Leonard E Weisman (right) of Baylor Medical College and the head of VAX Immune LLC.

Instead of abiding by the purpose of the fund, the lawsuit alleges that Alison Altenberg intentionally defrauded the fund in part by accepting an “Office Manager” role that paid her a high 5-figure salary for duties that she ultimately never performed. The lawsuit alleges that Mrs. Altenberg had no previous experience to qualify for the role of “Office Manager” of a company that had a singular goal to seek and assess solar energy investment opportunities to present to HOMF II fund for approval.

“Defendant’s experience outlined [in the lawsuit] did not qualify her to operate and manage renewable energy development projects. Despite the presumed title of Office Manager, Defendant does not maintain an office at Solar Finance, does not maintain a regular work week schedule (e.g., Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week) to earn her excessive salary, does not maintain or use a Solar Finance e-mail address, has no employees who report to her, has no access to Solar Finance’s Google or Microsoft Office Suite systems, and does not know the names of key employees, their respective titles, or their respective salaries. Indeed, the same key employees do not even know that Solar Finance employed Defendant. Yet, Defendant earns more than some of these full-time employees.”