Job Interview Coming Up? Here Are a Few Tips for Making a Good Impression


A business owner’s primary job is to protect a company’s culture. They want to ensure that whomever they hire is not only fit for the job, but a fit for the company’s vision and purpose. If not, the odd person out will only create a deficit in morale and possibly drag down productivity.

This is why you must research the company before you a) apply to the job b) go the interview. You want to be a part of their company? You want to contribute to the business and earn your keep? You have to know who they are and why you want to be a part of the experience. If not, what’s the point?

Google the company. Google the heads. If they have a wiki-page, trawl through it for information. Find their social media pages and study them, study their brand, their followers, their mission. Understand what they want and prove that you’re going to provide it.

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Ask Questions

Not, “So, like, what’s your favorite band?” but more like, “Where do you see your company in five years?”

This isn’t just them interviewing you, it’s you interviewing them. If you don’t feel the company is a right fit for you as a person, you have every right to turn them down. The opportunity isn’t an opportunity if it doesn’t fit you.