John Monarch, Shutdown by the SEC, Has Links to $100M+ Alleged Bank Fraud Scheme


Now facing a potential spoliation charge, Monarch seeks to escape liability by shifting blame on this co-defendant, who’s name we will keep confidential at this time.   Without his business partner and personal attorney Aaron Kelly to defend him, Monarch has hired new counsel in Greenville, South Carolina to defend the action against him.

It is Gorman’s theory that John Monarch was the mastermind behind the blackmail and took advantage of this alleged co-defendant in his youth and inexperience.   The co-defendant, who was only 22 at the time, possibly looked up to John Monarch as an older, more seasoned internet marketer.   As such, in an attempt to impress and gain favor with Monarch, it is possible that the alleged co-defendant promoted Monarch’s small fulfillment business “Direct Outbound” across the co-defendant’s alleged blackmail website,   It was, after all, Monarch that had everything to gain by blackmailing Gorman since Gorman operated a much larger and more successful competing business,