Johnson Controls to Pay $341K Settlement over False Training Certificates


Based on its investigation, Johnson Controls submitted certifications for training sessions that were never attended by its employees.

In some cases, the training sessions it listed did not occur.  The employee responsible for the forgery printed certifications that look similar to the actual certifications given to qualified technicians.

New York AG says settlement with Johnson Controls is notable

Under the settlement agreement, Johnson Controls admitted the wrongdoing and agreed to return $299,000 profits from the contracts. In addition, the company agreed to pay $42,000 in penalties for violating the New York State False Claims Act.

Furthermore, Johnson Controls agreed to certain reporting requirements related to its technicians that service State contracts.

The settlement is noteworthy because of Johnson Controls’ self-disclosure. Under the state law, an entity may receive a reduction in the maximum assessment of damages if it makes a timely and complete disclosure to the AG’s office.