Joy Behar Believes Hillary Clinton Won The 2016 Presidential Election


According to The View’s Joy Behar, Hillary Clinton won the election. Despite Clinton’s concession speech, President Trump’s inauguration, and more, Behar still views Clinton as the winner, reports The Daily Caller.

Why Does Behar Believe Clinton Won the Election?

On Tuesday, the women of The View sat down to discuss remarks made by John McCain regarding Hillary Clinton’s infamous election memoir.

Whoopi started off by noting “we love John McCain” before divulging into his statements about Clinton. However, this is where Behar jumped in:

With all due respect to your father and to whom I like very much, I think he’s wrong. I think a woman’s place is in the resistance. The woman won the election…she did win and I won’t give that up!

Finally, Megan McCain, the daughter of John McCain corrected Behar while also informing her that American Presidents are not elected based upon the popular vote:

But we don’t elect Presidents of America on the popular vote. Does that make you feel good at night like when you’re so angry about [President Donald] Trump? Does that make you feel better? Because if I were you it would not make me feel better.

Behar responded by saying that anger does not make her feel better before affirming that she “knows her civics.

Behar’s Remarks and Criticism from Conservatives

Many conservatives and Trump supporters have slammed liberals and progressives for making remarks like Behar’s. Regardless of one’s political standing or affiliation, Hillary Clinton did not win the 2016 election. She simply did not win. Anyone who claims otherwise is incorrect, as Megan McCain stated.

Joy Behar has yet to admit that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, lose the 2016 Presidential election.