Judge Raymond Dearie appointed Special-Master, DOJ request to continue probe rejected


It was later discovered that the document was based on fake evidence. And was being used as part of the now discredited “wiretapping” and Russian allegations to the Trump administration. 

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The judges would have had no way to know they were given fake evidence by the FBI to obtain the warrant.

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith ultimately pled guilty and admitted he altered email evidence. The email was used to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant for surveillance of the Trump campaign.

The altered evidence disguised the fact that then-Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page was a CIA source. There were multiple false claims about Carter Page made in the dossier. And most of them were already disproven by the time Clinesmith faked the evidence.

Right man for the job

Trump’s team suggested Judge Dearie for the role of Special-Master.

The justice department also found him acceptable for the job. And claimed the judge has “substantial judicial experience… including federal cases involving national security”.