DNA: Man arrested for killing Sun family in Texas cold case 


Feng Lu, 58, was arrested in a Texas cold case. The San Francisco Police Department and U.S. Customs and Border Protection took him in custody when he arrived in California on a flight from China. He was arrested for murdering a family of four in 2014.

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According to Harris County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, he will be held in the San Mateo jail pending his extradition to Texas.

Maoye Sun murders 

Maoye Sun; his wife, Mei Xie; and their two sons, 9-year-old Timothy and 7-year-old Titus lived in Cyprus in a quiet suburban neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas.

Both Titus was in the local Cub Scout pack. The children were active. And were swimmers, played youth soccer, and took lessons in karate and piano. The family was active and well-known in the community. 

So, when no one heard from them for 2-days a sheriff’s deputy was sent out to do a welfare check.

And on Jan. 30, 2014, he arrived at the Sun home and was confronted by a massacre. When he entered through the open kitchen door, he discovered the bodies. All four had been shot in the head execution style.

Investigation starts

Months after the terrible murders the homeowner’s association continued mowing the lawn. And neighbors took turns washing the family’s Toyota Corolla and Sienna minivan that were sitting for months at the now empty house.