Kamala Harris: Racism and Hate are “Not New” in America


The 2020 presidential election has prompted a variety of conversations about America as a nation. Matters such as income inequality, poverty, access to opportunity, and more are making the rounds in various political discussions.

Left-leaning Democrats have overwhelmingly opined that various discrepanies are due to racism and discrimination. Furthermore, 2020 Democrats maintain that Trump’s presidency has emboldened the existence of racism in America. Of course, critics of Democrats and supporters of the president have pushed back against the aforementioned claims.

Last week, Kamala Harris spoke out about her perceptions of racism and hatred in America.

Harris on Racism and Hatred in America

Last week, Harris delivered remarks during an Iowa State Fair press conference. During this time, the 2020 presidential candidate stated that racial hatred and supremacy in America predates Donald Trump’s presidency. Harris also claimed that she won’t be roped into a conversation which “simplifies this issue.”

Harris’ statements during the press conference read as follows:

“This is not new in America. Hate is not new. Hate that takes the form of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia is not new in our country. “It happened before this guy was in the White House, it will continue after this guy was in this White House.”

She then concluded her statements by alleging that Trump is “fanning the flames of hate” and calling to have a “meaningful” conversation.

Trump Policies and Accusations of Racism

For quite some time, the Democrat Party has alleged that President Trump’s policies are enabling racism. These claims are commonly employed against the president’s stances on immigration, government assistance programs, and other matters.

Since the recent shootings in Ohio and Texas, the left has gone after Trump on immigration; according to the president’s critics, Trump demonizes immigrants of color. Of course, the president has denied claims of racism, noting his favor for merit-based and legal immigration.

In recent weeks, the president also criticized Rep. Elijah Cummings for the state of his district in Baltimore, Maryland. Trump’s censure came after Cummings ripped the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief over conditions of migrant detention facilities at the Southern border.

Following this, the president stated that Cummings ought to focus on his own district in Baltimore. This later triggered cries of racism from members of the left-wing.

President Trump has since stated that Democrats have a tendency to employ the race card once they have run out of facts.