Kamala Harris Thinks Racism, Sexism are Hurting Her Campaign


The 2020 presidential election is faring differently for various candidates. While certain contenders are rising in the polls and doing fairly well in the primary season, others are having a more challenging time.

Multiple 2020 Democrats have admittedly struggled with raising enough funds to sustain their campaigns; others have even warned that they would have to drop out if they failed to raise a certain amount of capital by a specific deadline.

2020 candidate Kamala Harris is one of the Democrats who is having a tough time. While Harris’ campaign started off a seemingly promising note, she’s since lost momentum. In the wake of her political struggles, Harris is now citing racism and sexism as the culprits.

Everything You Should Know About Harris’ Take on Her Campaign

The 2020 Democrat articulated her perception of the presidential race during a sit-down with HBO. When speaking, Harris professed that her race and gender count against the “electability” factor of the 2020 race. Furthermore, she questioned whether or not the American people are capable of comprehending the notion of a president who is black and female.