Kari Lake Loses Legal Battle to Overturn Her Arizona Gubernatorial Election Loss


Last month, Arizona Republican Kari Lake lost her bid in the state’s gubernatorial election. Lake was narrowly defeated by Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs. Though this is a loss Lake has denied and refused to accept.

Instead, the Arizona Republican has been gallivanting around, claiming Hobbs “stole” the election, and declaring herself as the rightful winner.

Lake also took legal action to overturn Hobbs’ win, similar to what former President Trump did after losing the 2020 presidential election.

Coincidentially, a judge has rejected Lake’s litigation, thereby confirming that Hobbs will be the next governor of Arizona.

An outcome that many saw coming

As Lake talked a big game about proving voter fraud and proving that the race was stolen from her, many Americans knew nothing serious would come from her legal action. This is because no evidence whatsoever exists of fraud.

Lake’s loss came by about 17,000 votes in a state with nearly identical numbers of Independents, Republicans, and Democrats.