Kari Lake Trades Blows With Arizona Democrat Running For Senate


In public remarks about Sinema, Gallego accused her of forgetting where she came from. The Arizona Democrat furthermore believes that Sinema is prioritizing powerful people over her own constituents.

For reasons unknown, Lake decided to throw herself into the equation. Amid rumors that she’s also considering another political run, the failed Arizona Republican called Gallego the “AOC of Arizona.”

Lake furthermore opined that Gallego lacks the ability to put together clear sentences. Nevertheless, the Arizona Democrat fired back, giving Lake a piece of his mind.

According to Gallego, Lake is “the Kari Lake of Arizona.” In making this point, the Democratic candidate stressed that this title is, in fact, “an insult.”

Stay tuned

If Lake does decide to run for Senate, she will likely announce it later this year. At this rate, it is obvious to clear-minded people that Lake is not going to be the governor of Arizona. None of her claims about fraud or election stood up in a court of law.

As such, the only feasible move for Lake to remain in the spotlight is to run for public office again. Given that winning a Senate seat requires statewide support (as does winning a gubernatorial election), it is very likely that Lake will lose this race as well, should she decide to run.