Katrina Pierson on All-White Wearing Democrats: “Only Thing Missing is Matching Hood.”


On Tuesday, Katrina Pierson, senior advisor for President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, shared her views on Democrats who chose to wear all white during the State of the Union address.

All White Attire at the State of the Union

Several House Democratic women elected to wear all white attire to the State of the Union address; they subsequently cited the women’s suffrage as their source of inspiration. However, not all Americans interpreted their attire in the manner which they were going for.

Pierson weighed in with her interpretation via Twitter:

The president’s re-election campaign advisor is not the only American to draw parallels between the Democrats’ attire and the Ku Klux Klan. Other public figures on the right-wing expressed similar views via social media:

Criticisms of the Democrats at the State of the Union Address

Censure of the Democrats did not exclusively include their attire. In addition to criticism for wearing all white, Democrats furthermore faced backlash for their refusal to clap on certain issues. Observers of the State of the Union noted the Democrats’ stillness when Trump mentioned the reduction of crime at the Southern border and economic wins for Americans.

However, Democrats also issued their own censure. After the State of the Union, several left-wingers blasted the president’s address; they claimed that Trump lacked preparation and engaged in divisive rhetoric. Their allegations starkly contrast with the 76% of Americans who viewed Trump’s speech in a favorable manner.

Democrats and Accusations of Racism

Democrats are no strangers to accusations of racism. While their party frequently brands Republicans as racist, the right-wing has pushed back. Many on the right-wing note that policies which Democrats advocate for are harmful towards the people they claim to champion.

Conservatives have also stated that many real racists are the ones who see racism in everyone else. Nevertheless, the Democrats still stand by their views. Last night, Sen. Bernie Sanders alleged that Trump’s address contained “racist” rhetoric with the intent to divide Americans.

The parallels between all-white wearing Democrats and the KKK also comes at an interesting time. Virginia governor and Democrat Ralph Northam is currently facing extreme backlash for a yearbook photo featuring a man in blackface next to a man in KKK robes; Northam, however, denies that he is in the damning image.