Keystone Biofuels Owners Found Guilty of Conspiracy to Defraud IRS


“Working with our partners, we will not rest in pursuing cases that target our shared financial resources,” he added.

On the other hand, Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark, of the Justice Department’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), said, “These defendants are guilty of premeditated fraud, pure and simple. They directly stole money from the federal fisc and they masqueraded as benefactors of the environment.”

“Today’s guilty verdict is a victory for the American taxpayer. RS Criminal Investigation will pursue anyone who burns the biodiesel industry by enriching themselves through tax credits they are not entitled to,” said IRS-CI Special Agent in Charge Kelly Jackson.

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EPA Assistant Administrator for Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Susan Bodine commented that the guilty verdict “demonstrates the severe consequences for anyone who tries to make a profit by defrauding the RINS market.”