Koch Network Launches Campaign Calling for Deal to Protect Dreamers

DACA/Dreamers rally
Credits: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Two political advocacy groups connected with Charles and David Koch are reviving the discussions on the fate of young undocumented immigrants also known as Dreamers. The Koch brothers are among the mega donors of the Republican Party.

On Tuesday, Libre Initiative and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, two components of the Koch network announced a seven-figure national campaign calling for a bipartisan legislation to protect Dreamers from deportation.

On Sunday, the Koch Network will start airing a nationwide advertisement calling on congressional leaders to take action and provide a permanent solution for Dreamers.

The advertisement entitled “What are we waiting for” features former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush making statements supporting immigration.

In the video, Pres. Obama said, “Our economy is stronger when we harness the talents and ingenuity of striving, hopeful immigrants.”

Pres. Clinton said, “We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws,”

President Bush stated, “America can be a lawful society, and a welcoming society, at the same time.”

Then a narrator made a case for a bipartisan solution to protect Dreamers while securing the border.

“There’s a bipartisan path forward on immigration that offers a permanent solution for our dreamers and a stronger border. What are we waiting for? Certainty for Dreamers and security for everyone,” said the narrator.

Koch Network supports DACA deal with $25 billion in border wall funding

The Koch Network supported a legislative solution that included a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and a $25 billion in border wall funding. However, the White House rejected the deal.

In a statement, Daniel Garza, president of the Libre Initiative, said, Congress and the White House have spent a lot of time talking about DACA, but today our elected officials have yet to approve a permanent legislative solution. The Dreamers are among our best and brightest…. Acting now would unlock the potential of the Dreamers, promote economic opportunity, and strengthen our communities.”

In addition, Garza said,” Washington must come together and approve a bipartisan solution that provides certainty for Dreamers and security improvements along our border.”

On the other hand, James Davis, executive vice president of Freedom Partners, commented, “Achieving a permanent solution for Dreamers is simply the right thing to do – these are people who know this country as their only home. Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed their commitment to a resolution, and the recent proposal that provides permanency for Dreamers and $25 billion in border security is one that President Trump and Congress should take.”

In March, President Donald Trump had been pounding the Democrats to make a deal on DACA. He alleged that the liberals do not care about the Dreamers.  On April the President tweeted, “No More DACA Deal”

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris survey showed that a majority (76%) of voters support a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. That percentage includes 63% of Republican voters.