Large Cities Are Losing Their Residents


The past two years have caused a lot of changes. Many Americans had their worlds turned upside down; this was not necessarily due to COVID, but due to the way governments responded to COVID.

Some people, unfortunately, lost their livelihoods and businesses for good. Other people continue barely hanging on by a thread, even to this day.

Between lockdowns, mandates, and other restrictions, a lot of people have started rethinking where they live. This is now leading to a major reduction of folks located in large cities.

Changing demographics in the United States

One of the most obvious demographic changes today deals with the rise of people leaving blue states and moving to red ones.

Aside from mandates, many Americans just don’t want to face high taxes, homelessness, crime, and other issues in states where Democrats call the shots.

In numerous cases, this means people are leaving places like Los Angeles and Chicago for cities such as Sarasota and Dallas Fort-Worth. Moreover, four of the cities seeing major growth in new residents are located in Florida.