Larry DeMarco is running for judge in Delaware County, Pennsylvania


DeMarco continued, “It’s bad enough that they can take our money, our families, our freedom, and in some instances, our lives. But judicial Court rules eliminate any accountability or transparency.” The most pain from abuses of power occurs in family court, where families can be destroyed.

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His Facebook page, Larry DeMarco for Judge, contains a three-part video series, with part one setting forth the problem of a political judiciary, part two identifying the negative effects, and part three outlining his proposed solutions and pledge to solve the problem. It’s this third video that has gone viral.

His goal is an ambitious one: to convince his committee that limiting the power of its own representatives is in the best interests of the County and State.

“The founding fathers did the same things by putting separation of powers in the constitution: checks and balances to limit government power.”

He humbly explains that there isn’t anything original in his ideas. DeMarco quotes other law professors, legal activists, and leaders of reform and then shares the message on his YouTube channel. What is unique about him is the professional style video footage and his position as a candidate to influence government from the inside.