Larry DeMarco is running for judge in Delaware County, Pennsylvania


Larry DeMarco, also known as G. Lawrence DeMarco, LLM, is running for judge in Delaware County, PA.

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DeMarco’s unique campaign platform has caught the eye of justice reformers across the Country. He is the Founder of Delaware County Political News/PA Voter Information Network, a YouTube channel and non-profit media news company which provides a unique ability to spread his message. DeMarco’s message centers around revolutionary ethics reform in the courts, as he has publicized in a cluster of videos which have gone viral online these past several days.

As a practicing litigator for 26 years, DeMarco identifies parallel challenges in two separate local governments, Philadelphia and Delaware County, each under control of a different political party but with voters having similar complaints of corruption in each place.

“The issue is a corrupt system, not corrupt people,” DeMarco stated. “Merely replacing a courthouse with different people or a different political party will not be a long-term solution. You have the same issue in each political party.

DeMarco referenced Thomas Jefferson, who was alarmed by the absolute power conferred on the judiciary because they’re elected for life and not accountable to the people: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  With the judiciary, the problem is that its ‘power is dangerous.’”