Latest Polls Show Scott and Nelson in Dead Heat


This could prove a major problem for Scott, and a major opportunity for Nelson’s campaign, because Scott in inexorably linked to Trump. Scott was one of the earliest governors to endorse Trump, which he did as soon as the primary election was held in his state. On two occasions, the President encouraged Scott to run against Nelson while he was visiting the state.

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Scott is also head of a pro-Trump super PAC called New Republican PAC.

Should Scott decide to run, which he most likely will, the Nelson campaign will try to paint him as a Trump henchman and a rubber stamp for the President’s agenda in Congress. Scott will likely respond by painting Nelson as a Democratic “obstructionist.”

In the end, the election will be highly indicative of the President’s ability to achieve the same results he did during the 2016 election. Florida went for Trump the first time around, but will it go for him a second time even if he’s not running against Hillary Clinton?