Leading Economist Warns Against Biden’s Agenda


Months into the Biden presidency, Americans are getting a very clear look at what the Biden agenda entails.

Thus far, the agenda entails massive amounts of spending and running up the national deficit. Biden’s plans also involve heavy regulations, outsourcing U.S. jobs overseas, inflation, killing energy independence, and more.

Many Republican leaders and lawmakers warn that spending as if there’s no tomorrow is not a feasible or wise agenda. However, this insight isn’t just coming from GOP elected officials.

Over the weekend, economist Stephen Moore also warned against Biden’s agenda and its subsequent impacts on the nation.

The consequences of the Biden agenda

On Sunday, Moore spoke with The Cats Roundtable about the economic ramifications of President Biden’s proposals. Moore firstly noted that if things continue on their current course, the U.S. deficit could increase by $22 trillion by 2031.

The economist pointed out that America currently leads other countries in our economic comeback from coronavirus; however, Moore followed up by cautioning that Biden’s policies are impeding the recovery process for the United States. Additional notes from the economist pointed out that no nation can borrow itself into financial success.