Left-Wing Protesters Harass Mitch McConnell and Wife


The restaurant which hosted McConnell and Chao also released their own remarks:

”We deeply regret the incident that took place at our restaurant this weekend. We strongly believe everyone should feel welcome and safe in our restaurants.”

More on Left-Wing Protesters

Over the last few months, the antics of left-wing protesters have concerned many Americans. Left-leaning individuals have taken to the streets on various occasions; many protests have turned violent and subsequently promoted arrests. Despite the increasing violence on the left, many leaders in the Democrat Party are not urging their supporters to behave civilly.

In fact, various Democrats have dismissed notions of civility altogether. Hillary Clinton recently professed that left-wing civility can commence after Democrats regain control of the House and Senate. Eric Holder delivered similar remarks; the former U.S. attorney general openly stated that Democrats should ”kick” Republicans who ”go low.”

The Potential Ramifications

As political violence increases, people across the country are worried about just how far matters will escalate. Various members of the Trump administration have faced heckling in public and even outside their homes. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently stated that someone may lose their life if political unrest continues on its current trajectory.