Legal Battles Loom: Meta’s AI Training Strategy Faces Scrutiny Over Copyright Issues


Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is jumping into the AI copyright controversy. Meta’s AI training strategy involves scouring user’s public social media posts. The tech giant has been utilizing publicly accessible Facebook and Instagram posts to train its cutting-edge AI assistant. 

The recently introduced AI assistant, known as Meta AI, was unveiled to the public in a Beta release last Wednesday.

In an interview with Reuters, Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, revealed that the AI has been fed a wide range of content, including text and photos, from these social media platforms. Notably, private posts, which are shared exclusively with friends and family, have supposedly remained untouched by the AI’s data collection tools.

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To address potential privacy concerns, Clegg asserted that Meta has implemented measures to exclude personal details from the public datasets used in AI training. However, the interview did not delve into the specific techniques employed for this purpose.