Less Than Three in Ten Americans Now Approve of Biden


Perhaps the press should ask the White House about the latest survey from Rasmussen Reports. These findings have Biden’s approval rating at 29%; his disapproval rating, on the other hand, comes out to 58%.

There is no way to sugarcoat this or dance around it. The majority of the country is not in favor of what is happening. There are too many problems and situations that are going wrong.

Meanwhile, Biden wants to make things even worse by having the IRS snoop and poke around in virtually every American’s bank account. In real time, the president is pressuring Congress to pass a law that mandates financial institutions to release details of accounts worth $600 or more to the IRS.

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Broken promises from an unfit president

The list of promises that Biden has broken are also too great to count. However, his vows to unify the country, defeat COVID, and “build back better” are certainly at the top of the list.

Biden has sadistically played a role in inflaming tensions between vaccinated Americans and unvaccinated Americans. He’s also caused immense harm to businesses and the economy by forcing through COVID vaccine mandates that are leading to staffing shortages.