Liberal Activists Take to the Streets to Protest for Trump’s Impeachment


Earlier today, various left-wing activists took to the streets, calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. These latest protests come as Democrat leaders continue to disparage the president and articulate their interest in removing him from office.

Reviewing the Latest Anti-Trump Protests

Put simply, the protesters maintain that “holding Trump accountable” is imperative at this point in time. This happens as debates about the results of Mueller’s investigation remain ongoing.

Last month, the special counsel also delivered some follow-up remarks. In his remarks, Mueller affirmed that he and his team didn’t feel comfortable enough to charge President Trump with a crime.

However, Mueller moreover stated that he and his team would have directly stated if they believed Trump didn’t commit a crime. The latter part of Mueller’s statements is what Democrats have latched onto; hence, this segment is now facing weaponization in the fight to impeach the president.

MoveOn, a very liberal activist group, posted the following message on their website in regards to today’s protests: