Los Angeles Residents Protest Citywide COVID Vaccine Mandate


This could put businesses out of operations for good. Los Angeles is very much aware of this, also; they’ve intentionally structured the mandate in a way that living in the city isn’t even feasible for folks without the COVID vaccine.

Will the protests be enough?

Right now, COVID vaccine mandates at different levels of government are facing pushback, social unrest, and legal challenges. At the city level, however, there’s no easy fix.

Deeply blue localities are pushing these mandates, even in spite of protests from their own residents. Los Angeles folks aren’t the only people in blue cities to protest COVID vaccine mandates.

Seattle residents have demonstrated against these mandates; so have residents of New York City. At the end of the day, though, leftist leaders remain bound and determined to push these mandates through, no matter what.

This unfortunately leaves folks who disagree in a very tight spot.