Los Angeles Residents Protest Citywide COVID Vaccine Mandate


Just yesterday, a COVID vaccine mandate went into effect for the city of Los Angeles, California.

This mandate means only people who can show their COVID vaccination cards are permitted into public spaces. Furthermore, Los Angeles’ COVID vaccine mandate bars city workers from their jobs unless they are vaccinated against coronavirus.

Los Angeles is a deeply blue locality right within a very blue state. It comes as no shock that the city decided to implement a measure of this order; however, it doesn’t mean everyone in Los Angeles is pleased.

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On Monday, residents of the city gathered to express their frustration with this edict.

Pushback against the mandate

In downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park, residents of the very blue city made it known they disapprove of the vaccination order. Many of the protesters on Monday included emergency responders and others.

Images and videos of the protest also went viral. Protesters carried flags, chanted for change, and even made the news.

It turns out these folks have good reason for this outrage. Los Angeles’ COVID vaccine order forces businesses to pose as the vaccine police. In fact, businesses that neglect to check customers’ vaccination cards can incur thousands of dollars in fines.

This could put businesses out of operations for good. Los Angeles is very much aware of this, also; they’ve intentionally structured the mandate in a way that living in the city isn’t even feasible for folks without the COVID vaccine.

Will the protests be enough?

Right now, COVID vaccine mandates at different levels of government are facing pushback, social unrest, and legal challenges. At the city level, however, there’s no easy fix.

Deeply blue localities are pushing these mandates, even in spite of protests from their own residents. Los Angeles folks aren’t the only people in blue cities to protest COVID vaccine mandates.

Seattle residents have demonstrated against these mandates; so have residents of New York City. At the end of the day, though, leftist leaders remain bound and determined to push these mandates through, no matter what.

This unfortunately leaves folks who disagree in a very tight spot.